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North America Franchising Market Availability

Market Availability

With thousands of potential trade areas in North America, Wendy’s is seeking new single-unit and multi-unit experienced operators who share our vision to help us grow our restaurant presence worldwide. If your initial path is developing Wendy’s, then the map above reflects market availability where we are seeking new franchisees. If your initial path is through purchasing existing restaurants, then we would ask you to reach out to our Franchise Recruitment team to discuss what opportunities are available. Whether your interest is in developing new restaurants or purchasing existing restaurants, please complete our Franchising Questionnaire below and a Wendy’s Franchise Recruitment team member will be in touch soon.


Interested in International opportunities? Visit our International Franchise page for more information regarding opportunities and contact information for our International Franchise Recruitment team.



The Process

Steps to become a Wendy’s franchisee and to serve FRESH NEVER-FROZEN BEEF to the Wendy’s fans in your community.

Franchisee Process

Ready To Become A Wendy’s Franchisee?

If you are interested in pursuing Wendy's franchise opportunities and meet our initial qualifications and requirements, please complete and submit Wendy’s Prospective Franchisee Questionnaire below. This is a preliminary questionnaire only. A Prospective Franchisee Application will be required if Wendy’s and the applicant agree to continue discussing franchise opportunities. The questionnaire or application is not to be construed as an offer of a franchise, a commitment, or a binding agreement on either party.


Depending upon our review, and the existence of potential opportunities, we will provide additional information about Wendy's, including Wendy's Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) and a Prospective Franchise Application.


Please fill out the questionnaire below and Wendy’s Franchise Recruitment team will be in touch shortly after receiving your information.